Annual General Meeting (AGM) May 27, 2021


9:00 a.m.             Opening Remarks

Dr. Jason Gu, iMERIT’s Principal Investigator

Dr. John Newhook, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dalhousie University

9:15 a.m.             Keynote Presentation

Shelley Hessian, executive director of Start-Up Yard at COVE

(Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship)

Starting an Ocean Tech Company – Tips and Resources

9:45 a.m.  Trainee presentations

PhD students

  1. Muhammad Asad: Development of Composite State Convergence Schemes for Teleportation Systems
  2. Brendan Smith: Passive Acoustic Detection and Monitoring of Hydrothermal Vents
  3. Saad Alhadlaq: Rogue Waves in the Oceans and Optical Fibres
  4. Xiaoyao (Jason) Feng: Electromagnetic and Acoustic Time-Reversal for Source Reconstruction
  5. Abolfazl Zokaei: Efficient Implementation of 400Gbps Optical Communication FEC Soft-Input Hamming Decoder
  6. Mohammad Mousavi: Arrival Time and Angle Fluctuations of the Sea-Surface Forward Scattering
  7. Emre Cilkaya: Numerical Simulation of Underwater Radiated Noise By Propeller
  8. Ahmed Al-Qallaf: Design of Onchip Optimal SC DC/DC Converter for Powering Underwater Transmitters

15-minute break

Masters students

  1. Brad Chevarie: Advanced Control Methodologies for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  2. Josiane Ostiguy: The PAGE Method for Acoustic Intensity Estimation 
  3. Mark Henderson
  4. Marina Antipina: Soundscape Modelling and Validation for the Port of Sept-Îles, Quebec
  5. Hamed Bozorgi: 2D Laser and 3D Camera Data Integration and Filtering for Human Trajectory Tracking
  6. Christopher Bayley: Mapping Non-Stationary Phenomena in Complex Environments
  7. Erin Wetter: Multi-Agent Target Tracking with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  8. Axel Belgarde: Split-beam Sonar
  9. Cesar Rodriguez: Tethered Payload Stabilization using an Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Undergraduate student

  1. Graham Ching: Using Human Bio-signals to Control and Train a Robotic Wheelchair

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